In order to stimulate the involvement of young scientists and engineers in IFAC, as well as to recognize top-level contributions of the younger generation in our field and to support their careers, IFAC will stimulate to have a Young Author Award at every IFAC symposium and conference.


1. The award is given for the best paper of which the first and presenting author satisfies the eligibility criterion and is the main contributor of the research results in the paper.

2. As the eligibility criterion the symposium organizers will use an age criterion of being max 30 years old at the time of the event, for the first and presenting author of a paper, with motivated exemptions on the age criterion to deal with gender and cultural differences so as to allow fair competition.

3. The following is the submission/nomination procedure, supported by Papercept:

  • The award is announced on the website of the symposium.
  • Nominations are solicited through Papercept after the submission of papers has been closed.
  • No self-nominations are allowed. Nominations are typically made by supervisors or reviewers.
  • An award selection committee, appointed by the IPC chair, selects a number of finalists, on the basis of the nomination letters, the review reports, and the papers. Finalists are informed before the event.
  • The selection committee selects a winner out of the finalists, after having attended the presentation of the paper at the event.
  • The award is presented at the closing ceremony.

5. The winner as well as all finalists are provided with a certificate.

6. The award is accompanied with a monetary prize of 1000 EUR.